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Who We Are

Plug’n’Grow is a technology company that develops advanced and economic solutions in agriculture, based on proven Hydroponic and Aquaculture technology. We provide growers with highly efficient “Food Factories” that produce premium quality vegetables and fish at competitive and affordable costs. 


Our solutions achieve the highest output capacities per meter and at the lowest production costs in the market, with no sacrifice to premium quality, providing growers with an economic advantage. We are the only developers of this disruptive technology in Africa, while also being one of the most competitive in the Middle East.


Plug'n'Grow specifically caters its solutions to the climatic and economic needs of the Middle East and Africa, and aim to make this technology increasingly accessible to growers in the region.


We are attempting to tackle the critical issues of food security and water scarcity, arising from desertification, urbanisation, climate change, and an increasing global population.


The world requires technological innovations to find sustainable answers on tackling the challenges of food security and water scarcity. Some of the most prominent are the implementation of Novelty Farming systems, such as Hydroponics, Aquaponics, and Intensive Aquaculture.


As they directly address the critical issues facing mainstream farming, these methods have gained popularity and traction over the years, and can potentially resolve much of the complications facing the global farming community. 

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Contact Us

Section 179, Line 6 North.

Ahmed Orabi Agricultural Cooperation. Obour City.

Cairo, Egypt.

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