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Plant profiling Specialist


Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

As part of the Research and Development team, you will determine, implement and monitor research experiments. While developing strategies and supporting the organisational research objectives, you may lead research projects and provide research advice based on findings and insights through reports and presentations.


Job requirements:

  • MSc/ PhD degree in Agriculture, Botany, Biotechnology, other relevant fields

  • 3-5 years’ experience in agriculture (experience in Hydroponics is preferred)

  • Ability to plan and design research proposals.

  • Comfortable outside academia as an applied researcher.

  • Strong writing skills and ability to write for different audiences (Research entities, internal members, workers,..etc)

  • Excellent research skills.

  • Excellent Analytical and Problem-solving skills.

  • Ability to Lead teams of different backgrounds and deliver clear vision

  • Data analysis tools is a plus

  • English Language proficiency

  • Full time Commitment

Job Duties and responsibilities

  • Delivering deep and detailed crop study identifying different parameters affecting plant growth, yield and quality.

  • Identifying the gaps between the theoretical requirements and the applicable techniques to produce high quality & cost effective crops.

  • Developing high-quality research reports and/or publications according to the project type and requirements.

  • Developing methodologies and Design experimental setup that clearly fulfill the research objectives.

  • Support R&D Manager in developing Strategy and Standard methods and protocols of carrying out research projects and expanding research portfolio.

If you are interested send your CV to

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