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We specialize in advanced agriculture solutions based on Hydroponics, Aquaponics, and Intensive Aquaculture Technologies.

We offer a myriad of services that ..

.. Supports you to scale your business.

.. Cater to the specific business needs of our growers. 

.. Support growers and investors to establish their production facilities. 

.. Provide pre-designed production systems for vegetables, fruits, and fish that are optimized to achieve maximum efficiency and profitability.

.. Cover all technical aspects of the technology and the production process on a commercial scale.

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( Monthly/Annual )

A cloud-based farm management software


Technical Support

( 50 hr/100 hr package )

Full operational specialized

on-demand consultations 

Operational Planning

( Monthly/Annual )

Operational planning service, encompassing crop production and shift planning


Supply Chain

( Quarterly/Annual )

Dedicated coordination between the production plan requirements and the operations’ inventory



( Annual/On-demand )

Facility checkups, and scheduled maintenance activities.


Assesment Visits

( 1st free visit, 50% off 2nd )

Facility visit investigation, and report generation


   Design & Construction Services


     Plug'n'Grow offers many services that support growers and investors in establishing their production facilities using state-of-the-art agriculture solutions for premium quality agri-food production and high economic returns. 

We also offer various pre-designed production systems for vegetables, fruits, and fish that are optimized to achieve maximum efficiency and profitability. In addition to customized designs to cater to the specific business needs of our growers.

We offer both proprietary off-the-shelf designs for maximized efficiency and optimal resource use, as well as, customized designs for commercial scale soilless production.

Facility Design

Plug’n’Grow designs the facility to best cater for the surrounding environment and operations, including planning for future expansion of your project.

Farm Design

We provide construction quality control and supervision to ensure the facility execution meets the design, even if the grower undertakes the construction process independently.

Construction Consultancy

We provide tight monitoring and management for the construction phase of larger projects to ensure the project flows in accordance with the dedicated budget and timeline.

Construction Managment

We offer the complete construction service of the facility through a pool of technology providers/partners and construction specialists.

Facility Construction



   Operational Services


     Plug'n'Grow offers a myriad of services that cover all technical aspects of the technology and the production process on the commercial scale to ensure that your team and farm achieve maximum efficiency and profitability.

We provide a tailored comprehensive training curriculum for your operations team covering all system components, machinery, production processes, and quality control.

This is followed by coaching sessions to guarantee that the team is ready to carry out operations autonomously, as per the Standard Operating Procedures.

More advanced training is available for increasing the efficiency and quality of operations with the advancement of operations and scaling.

Trainings & Coaching


We provide a cloud-based farm management software integrated with the facility's monitoring and management systems for easy access on-site and remotely. The team can access all scheduled shifts and operations, as per the standard operating procedures. 


( Monthly/Annual )


We provide regular facility checkups, in addition to carrying out the facility’s scheduled maintenance activities. Additionally, our maintenance support team is available for any emergency maintenance requests to ensure smooth operations.


( Annually, or On-demand )


We support your team throughout your entire operation providing specialized on-demand consultations to ensure efficiency and quality, as well as, guidance through any technical challenges or questions. 

Technical Support

( 50 hour package, 100 hour package )


We offer a complete operational planning service, encompassing crop production and shift planning, in addition to team and performance assessment.

Operational Planning

( Monthly/Annual )


We offer a dedicated agent to carry out all supply chain activities, including coordinating between the production plan requirements and the operations’ inventory.

Supply Chain

( Quarterly/Annual )



   Complementary Services


     Plug'n'Grow offers a range of complementary services to support you to scale your business, such as building your team’s capacity, expanding your portfolio or specialized nutrition for designed growth metrics.

We offer an assessment visit free of charge for our new clients, in addition to a special rate on our second visit (50% off). through these visits our team has a full overview and in depth investigation according to the client needs and requests. Our team then provides a full detailed report to the client. 

Plug’n’Grow offers conducting research studies and production trials on special product ranges (not-commercially available yet) of interest to the client. Our team of researchers and specialists are able to create experiments and simulations to recommend the most optimal available technologies for their commercial production. 

Research & Trials

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Assessment Visits

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